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Consumer Electronics Show is the biggest gadget show that is held every year in January. Top Tech companies gather to show off their latest efforts in Technology.

Have a look on coolest gadgets that were showcased in the event:

Lenovo Smart Display: The Smart Display computer with voice activation facility displays the supplementary information. The key advantages that it offers include:

  • It can play videos in YouTube.
  • It has large screen.
  • It has polished design that easily blends with home.

Coolest gadgets Lenovo Smart Diplay

L’Oreal UV Sense: L’Oreal introduced a wearable UV sensor called “L’Oreal UV sense” that can be comfortably put on the fingernails. The sensors can detect ultraviolet rays. The sensor requires no battery and it has NFC antenna, a UV sensor and temperature sensor. The sensor is capable of storing and sending the stored data to the accompanying app when the wearers put the device closer to their Smartphone.

Coolest gadgets L’Oreal UV Sense

Linksquare: Linksquare is a gadget that helps to scan and identify virtually anything like foods, drinks, medicines or anything else. It uses the technique of near-infrared spectroscopy that analyzes the materials. It analyzes the unique optical signature of the scanned material and determines what it is made out of.

Coolest gadgets Linksquare

Philips SmartSleep: Philips headband emits a tone that improves slow wave sleep. It helps to get the most out of sleep. There are two sensors on it that detect when someone falls asleep and can also identify when someone enters into deep sleep. Students from Top B.Tech Colleges in Mumbai have been benefited from SmartSleep Gadget. An algorithm is used to customize the volume and level of the tone emitted in a way that boosts the slow wave activity in the brain of the person wearing it.

Coolest gadgets Philips SmartSleep

Aflac Duck: The Aflac Duck is an interactive toy that was developed by research and development workshop Sproutel, which was created for the children who are diagnosed with cancer. Children can put their care routines on it and can show their emotions with the help of the toy. It is expected to be free of cost for cancer patients.

Coolest gadgets Aflac Duck

Honda 3E Robotics: Honda introduced a social empathy robot and named it as Robot 3E-A18. It will provide a sense of compassion and understanding to its users. The robot’s face can frequently change its expressions. It is cute as well as usefull.

Coolest gadgets Honda 3E Robotics

Byton Car: Byton has developed a car that makes you feel like you are in your living room. It will be launched in the United States in 2020. It will have large screen that will stretches across the entire dashboard. It will also have the feature of facial recognition.

Coolest gadgets Byton Car

Corsair K63 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard: Corsair launched a keyboard known as K63 Wireless mechanical keyboard and won a CES 2018 Innovation Award. It has 75 hours of rechargeable battery life and also the backlights can be customized. In order to protect you against key logging, it has 128-bit AES encryption.

Coolest gadgets Corsair K63 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Electron Wheel: Electron Wheel has been designed to replace the front wheel of the bicycles. It transforms the bicycle into a full-featured e-bike. It has been integrated with Google Assistant that allows the riders to find directions easily. It also has the feature of accepting Voice Commands.

Coolest gadgets Electron Wheel

Whill model Ci: Whill’s Model Ci is a newer, lighter version of mobility vehicle.It has lithium-ion battery with the help of which it can travel 10 miles on a single charge. The gadget has “omni-wheels” which helps to have a powerful drive.

Coolest gadgets Whill model Ci

3Drudder: It is designed for gaming and VR. It can be controlled with the help of feet. The users can adjust the orientation with the twist of their feet. The users can also zoom in or out by putting pressure on the toe of one foot and the heel of another.

Coolest gadgets 3Drudder

There are many coolest gadgets available in the market. If you planning to take admissions in the college. Then make sure you use any of these gadgets to make the best impression among your new friends.

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